Pluto is an important development that allows you to easily interact with your data. We take a quick look at it using the Julia plotting package to easily create impressive graphs.

Example Julia visualizations
Some Julia plots — Image by author

Python Pandas is great for analyzing and plotting data but should you be coding in Pandas or SQL? Let’s take a look at some common operations using both and see how they compare.

A Python program comparing SQL and Pandas
Image by author

Google’s Colab allows anyone to write and share Jupyter Notebooks online from anywhere

Google colab
A Jupyter Notebook in Google Colab — image by author

Hands-on Tutorials, Data Visualization

With Plotly charts and Streamlit’s flexible input, layout and theming options, you can build a great interactive data visualization app from live data

Example app — image by author

Data Visualization

Download a free template, pop in multiple Streamlit apps and you’re done

Image by author

Streamlit is not just for data science, you can make create a creditable general purpose webpage with it, too

Built with Streamlit — image by author

VSCode needs a little bit of configuration to run Streamlit apps but it’s not difficult

Example Streamlit apps — image by author

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